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Navien, the Leader in the hot water on-demand technology.  This product gives you reliable hot water at your fingertips as well as saving you on your gas bill.  But it doesn't stop there.  Navien, being so efficient, has an ultra low NOx emission.  So when you look for a reliable and environmentally safe unit, choose Navien. Sureguard installs many of their products such as the Navien NPE in all its classes.  We also love combining your boiler and hot water tank into one unit called the Navien NCB Combination Boiler.  This wall hung unit will clear up all that wasted space and leaves your mechanical room looking great!

How will I know if I am able to have a Navien?

There are many factors to consider before booking an appointment for a Navien.  If you own a detached home the chances of install are greater.  Most Strata complexes, where the owner is responsible for the heating system, will allow a Navien install but some do not.  New style venting is possibly the biggest challenge before installation.  We would be more than happy to book an inspection to see if the installation is right for your home.

What would my cost savings be?

Cost savings will vary depending on what Navien product is the right fit for your home.  The average home with a Family of 4 with a 40 gal hot water tank uses around $350.00+ a year on gas.  The Navien reduces that cost by 2/3 weighing in at around $125+ per year.  8 years is the average life span of a hot water heater and in that time you would of spent up to $2800+ in gas consumption, whereas the Navien would be about $1000.  That's a saving of $1800+ not to mention you'd be replacing the hot water tank which would be an added expense.  So in short, Navien is the way to go!

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